Located right in the heart of thriving Surf Parade
  Broadbeach, Broadbeach 9d Cinema provides an exciting, state of
  the art multi-dimensional thrills and spills adventure ride like no 

 Xtreme Multi-D Cinemas features:
 * Thrilling 3d animated movies with surround sound using full
    active motion luxury seats with inbuilt effects, where everyone
    gets a front row seat.
 * Realistic 9d effects such as rain, wind, flash, bubbles, fog,
    air blast and various chair effects to stimulate your senses and
    to engage a feeling of ‘being in the movie’.
* There are no session times. Just walk in, choose a movie
   package and be seated at the next available session.
* Movie times average 6 to 7 minutes however, this will feel
   much longer as the intensity of the effects will heighten your
   senses to the Xtreme.